Monday, April 26, 2010

More to Say

Wow. I see that I haven't posted here in almost a year...

It's not that I haven't had anything political to say in that time. I've said plenty! I've just said it elsewhere, becoming addicted to posting on Roger Ebert's Journal. Commenting on a range of political, scientific, and religion issues with an international cast of characters. Holding my own, as the often lone conservative on a predominantly liberal blog - and facing the fire with civility modelled for me by the master himself, Roger Ebert. It's been a pleasure getting to know him and spar with him.

I'm just back from a wonderful experience at EbertFest 2010, where I immersed myself in an eclectic mix of 10 films of Roger's choosing. Politics free. Just film.

But, I find that I have more to say in this tumultuous political climate that we find ourselves in.

So, I'm spinning up Partisan Newsjunkie again.

I've written this blog for seven years now. 351 total posts! Nothing that I am ashamed of. Strong and often partisan opinion, sure. Raw emotional politics, sure. But civil.

I'm sticking with my byline "Partisan", though I've added my real name to my profile.

I'm back.

And I have more to say.

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