Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama to KSM: I've Got Your Back, baby!

As expected, Barack Obama began his presidency last week with a flurry of Executive Orders, most to reverse Bush policies. Two notable ones:

1. E.O.'s to ratchet back the government's aggressive policies against terrorism since 9/11. An order to close the detainee detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Prohibiting aggressive interrogation techniques by the CIA, requiring the use of the Army Field manual.

2. Reversing the "Mexico City Policy", also called the gag-rule, that prohibits U.S. foreign aid going to family planning activities that counsel for abortion. Those funds are now available worldwide.

Let me translate those two Executive Orders for you:

1. Obama to Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the 250 most dangerous detainees in the world: I've got your back! Hang in there, we're coming to your rescue!

2. Obama to unborn babies worldwide: You, not so much. We're putting out a hit on you.


What foolishness liberals perpetuate in the name of Progressiveness.

You haven't thought this through, lefties.

Given that Khalid Sheik Mohammed was not only the operational planner and mastermind of 9/11 and many other attacks, and that the CIA broke him and stopped further attacks using waterboarding: How else would you have gotten that information and stopped those attacks against Americans? Or, are you willing to sacrifice other Americans to soothe your conscience?

Given that at least 60 other detainees who were released by the Bush administration from Gitmo under pressure have returned to battle against American troops, are you willing to release these 250 most dangerous detainees? On American soil? Where are you going to put them now?

These are foolish and deadly policies.

And we're only one week in. Egads.

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