Monday, February 09, 2009

America Mugged by Pelosi and Company

There is anger in the land. Oh, yes.

And right now it is directed at the $1 Billion "Porkulus" bill, masquerading as a stimulus bill. Pelosi crafted it. President Obama owns it. And the majority of Americans are angry about it.

Make no mistake, Americans know when they are being lied to and are being taken advantage of - and we don't like it.

It's like the old story of having your car break down on the highway in a distant city and having the garage owner that tows you in bill you for one of everything on his shelf. Because he can. Because you're vunerable.

Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are like the unscrupulous garage owner. The country is in crisis. We need a stimulus bill - no one says otherwise. We need job creation, and we need it immediately. But Pelosi & company didn't just craft a stimulus bill. Oh no. They took the opportunity to mug America and craft a Trillion Dollar Monstrosity full of every spending idea Democrats have ever had in the last 20 years.

Just to say it straight out - it's not stimulus, and to say it is constitutes a visciously deceptive lie. If you want to spend money on condoms, or the arts, or to pay back your donors for electing you do it in an appropriations bill the regular way. You have the votes to pass it. But don't call it a stimulus bill and stick a gun in our ribs and tell us that it has to pass in a week or the country will self-immolate. It's a lie. It's the big lie, told by unscruplous and irresponsible political goons.

I take it back. The best analogy for Pelosi and company is not the garage who charges you too much.

It's more like the motorist who is stranded by the highway, and the supposed Samaritan who stops to help rapes the motorist and leaves her for dead.

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