Monday, March 02, 2009

With Sebelius Nomination - It's On!

Unlike most of the mainstream media, I am not swooning about President Obama's choices for his cabinet. Several seem to me to be remarkably poor choices.

Some examples:

- Timothy Geithner: a Treasury Secretary who is a tax cheat

- Hillary Clinton: a Secretary of State who is indebted to many of the world leaders that she will try to influence, via cash deposits in the Clinton Library Foundation

- Leon Panetta: a Director of the CIA who has no intelligence experience

- Eric Holder: an Attorney General who showed disregard for the law with his participation in Clinton's Marc Rich pardon for cash.

All bad choices, who should have been rejected by the Senate.

But now we have the topper: this weekend's nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebilieus for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

I know, most of you are not familiar with her. Pro-lifers certainly are.

Gov. Sebilieus is not just Pro-abortion, but militantly so. More than any other governor in the U.S. You want proof? Not only is she outspoken about it, but her actions say it. Kansas is the state that harbors the most notorious late term abortion doctor - Dr. Tiller - and the Governor has the murderous doctor's back. She's blocked efforts to have a grand jury indict the doctor, and in return has benefitted greatly from donations to her campaign. Blood money.

Her nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services is particularly eggregious, and it cements Obama's status as the most pro-abortion president we have ever had.

It's on! Her nomination will be vigorously opposed.

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