Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Dealers Fight Back

I was looking for a fight as I was flipping around on the channels tonight. I was thinking UFC, and I was headed for Spike TV. But I found a fight on C-Span that was better.

The Congress critters had a table full of witnesses discussing the disolution of dealerships by GM and Chrysler as they go through bailouts and bankruptcy. The CEOs who had announced the closure of dealerships were at the table side-by-side with some of those self-same dealers.

And the dealers were kicking their keisters, in polite C-Span speak.

The CEO's were arguing that they were closing down dealerships because they were a cost burden. The dealers were counter-arguing that the they don't cost the big-three anything. They sell their cars.

The Congress critters were bi-partisanly not buying what the CEO's were selling. And the glum faces of the CEO's showed it.

How did we get to this point so quickly in Obama's term, that the federal government has majority ownership - along with the UAW - in one of the big three automakers?

Hugh Hewitt makes this excellent point in his post today: how can the Federal Government be an impartial player in dealings with all of the automakers in the country when it is a direct owner of one of the competitors? How, indeed.

Also, how much traction is the reporting that all of the closed dealers were Republican donors going to get in the leftist media?

We've turned a corner here, people.

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