Saturday, May 01, 2010

American Left Outraged over Wrong Things

The American political left is outraged - outraged I tell you! - regarding the newly signed Arizona immigration law. But, as usual, they are outraged over the wrong things.

The good people of Arizona, in a reasonable attempt to protect themselves against an ongoing criminal invasion of their state that sees 650,000 (probably more) people trespassing there and border chaos and violence that endangers every one of them, acted where a negligent federal government has not.

Does the American political left have empathy for the very REAL crisis that their fellow citizens find themselves in? No. Not at all. Instead, they vilify them - with unwarranted charges of "racist!" and "Nazi" and agonize only on the POTENTIAL for racial profiling. A potential, I should add, mitigated by the good-faith efforts of the Arizona legislators to craft wording in their law that prohibits racial profiling.

I have three questions for my friends on the political left - many of whom I hung out with at EbertFest 2010 last week:

1. Are you paying attention to, reading about, the crisis in Arizona? I'm talking about the border violence that has spilled over to Arizona and made it essentially a war zone that endangers them, and simultaneously crushes them with the cost?

If so, why aren't you outraged at the murders, kidnappings, drug crime, and identity theft that plagues Arizona?

2. Have you no empathy for your fellow citizens and their crisis? If not, may I respectfully say that your empathy is misplaced with the lawless.

3. What is your solution to Arizona's crisis? Open Borders? Amnesty for those who have illegally crossed our borders? Ignoring our immigration laws? Vilification of good people and fellow citizens? What is your solution?

Apparently, watching today's May Day rallies, the American Left's solution is to join forces with the Communist Party and the Reconquista movement on May Day / Che Day to continue to destabilize American sovereignty and democracy. See Michelle Malkin's coverage of today's rallies here. Does anyone on the American political left see a problem with this?

The accusations of racism and Nazi are outrageous, over the top, and must stop.

I stand with the good people of Arizona in confronting their existential crisis.

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