Sunday, May 02, 2010

THE ONE Continues Slander of Fellow Citizens

"Obama Kills at White House Dinner" was the headline I saw this morning. Making jokes at the expense of his fellow citizens in Arizona:

"We know what happens in Arizona when you don't have an ID...Adios Amigos."

Funny. A knee-slapper. Yucking it up - not like he had to be at an oil spill or anything.

Nice, to have the President of the United States undermining federal immigration law - which the Arizona law mimics for laughs.


- immigration "rights" forces march in lockstep with communists on May 1st: May Day / Che Day. Both having the same agenda of undermining American law.

- our border remains negligently unsecure under the Obama administration, as with his predecessors, allowing an illegal invasion to continue to endanger American citizens.

- the American political Left yawns at Arizona's crisis and agonizes only about racial profiling.

- racial groups like La Raza and MeCHa push for "chicano studies" programs in schools in the West that promote Reconquista and Aztlan - the future chicano state reclaimed in America's West after the collapse of Washington. And we tolerate that?

There will be a backlash against the Left's backlash on the AZ law. It's on.

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